Eating Out on the FODMAP Diet

I often get asked about where I eat out on the FODMAP diet, so I thought I would create this blog post around places to eat across the UK (which I have already tried).  These are all chain restaurants, to ensure my readers outside London can also partake. Just to note I have explored some... Continue Reading →

Evexia Thrive Gluten Free Pasta

Evexia Thrive UK sent me a parcel full of gluten-free pasta to enjoy.  They provide a range of fresh filled and unfilled gluten free pasta.  This year, 2017, they won a Gold Free From Foods Award, so I already knew the quality would be high.  They are part of a large food group called Ugo... Continue Reading →

Gaucho: Dinner Review

So this week Mr Fittie Fodmap London (FFL) and I had booked to see Aladdin at the West End and we were thinking about where we could go for a pre-theatre dinner.  Since being on the FODMAP diet, I have felt very restricted when it came to eating out, as I'm sure Fodmapers can understand, so... Continue Reading →

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