Evexia Thrive Gluten Free Pasta

Evexia Thrive UK sent me a parcel full of gluten-free pasta to enjoy.  They provide a range of fresh filled and unfilled gluten free pasta.  This year, 2017, they won a Gold Free From Foods Award, so I already knew the quality would be high.  They are part of a large food group called Ugo Foods Group who have been running since 1927.

Their fresh unfilled pasta is egg free, dairy free and suitable for vegans.  The fresh filled pasta use free range eggs and are suitable for vegetarians.

The best thing about their pasta is the quick and easy cooking method.  Although I love food, I am not someone that loves spending hours in the kitchen.  The filled pastas only take 1 min to cook on the hob and the fresh unfilled pastas take 3-4 minutes to cook.  Result!

Just to note I am a pasta nut!! I eat pasta everyday for lunch at work. There are two reasons for this, the first and main reason is because it keeps me full for the afternoon and secondly because it’s so versatile and you can have a different flavour lunch everyday if you wanted.

I was sent:

  • Gluten Free Penne – I could really tell the difference between this fresh pasta and the usual dried pasta I have most days. It was definitely better than dried.


  • Gluten Free Chickpea Fusilli – Chickpeas are high fodmap and I haven’t tried to re-introduce them yet. So I gave the Fusilli to a coeliac friend at work. She agreed that the freshness of the pasta made such a difference to the dishes she made with the pasta.


  • Gluten Free Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini – I haven’t seen any other gluten free filled pasta which is also low fodmap (i.e. no onion or garlic included) so to be able to have a quick and easy, tasty dinner is the dream! I really enjoyed this and would definitley buy in the future.

  • Gluten Free Tomato and Mozzarella Tortelloni – again I haven’t seen any other gluten free filled pasta which is also low fodmap .  This reminds me of a filled pasta I used to buy before i was gluten free.  Very enjoyable and perfect for a winter’s evening.

For more information on Evexia Thrive UK visit: http://www.evexiathrive.com/

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