Lomax Gym: Booty Class Review

I met Maria at the Be:Fit London Weekender in Loughborough a month or so ago and we got talking about the class she ran at Lomax gyms in London.  When we got back to the city, myself and Flora (who I also met at the Weekender) decided to head to Lomax Cocoon Gym, near Liverpool Street to try out her booty class! I mean who doesnt want to grow their booty!

The gym is in the basement of a building, which has a cafe, ping-pong tables and lots of comfy seating.  The gym itself is modern and compact.  It has 8 industrial squat racks on one side, benches down the middle, free weights on the other side and some bikes at the end.  The gym is set up for Personal Training and classes, so there is never an issue with lack of equpiment.

Maria’s class can only hold 6 to 8 people so ensures every participant gains a good level of training and support.  I loved the set up, as it meant no one was forgotten and we were all observed to ensure good form.  The class was created with women’s aesthetics in mind, to sculpt your curves regardless of what body shape you are.  It focuses on conditioning of target muscles especially important to women’s health.

The class started with activation work, first with abs and then moving on to legs and glutes.   This included the Pilates ab exercise, 100s, bicycle crunches, and resistance band work with squats followed by one leg pulses.  We then moved on to use the TRX bands to do 1 minute of jump squats whilst our partners did one leg slider work, then we swapped over to the other exercise.

The next part of the class was my favourite – we jumped between heavy squats, on the squat rack and straight leg deadlifts with a kettlebell.  The class ended with some finishers to kill off my glutes and legs!

I can honestly say this was one of the best classes I have ever done! I enjoyed all the elements (probably because there was no standard cardio).  The added bonus of fitting in heavy strength training too, was a winner for me.  It also gave me such a lift in my mood and confidence.  Both Flora and I felt the same, and we hope to be back very soon!

As I struggled to walk the next day, I was even more convinced that yesterday’s class was intense!!

For more information on Lomax gyms visit: http://www.lomaxpt.com/

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