Nama – Raw Foods: Review

Nama is a raw foods restaurant based in Notting Hill. The restaurant is meat, wheat, dairy and gluten free.

I saw on their online menu, that they have some interesting gluten free brunch dishes so I decided on my day off to head up to Notting Hill and try some raw food.

Raw food is meant to be one of the healthiest options out there. As the food is not cooked or processed above 115oF, the food keeps all its vital minerals, nutrients and enzymes. That means all the food at Nama is going to feed your body in the right way.

I loved walking through Notting Hill to get to Nama Raw Foods, the houses are so picturesque.

The inside of Nama was modern and homely. I managed to grab one of the small tables in the window so I could look out onto Notting Hill while I relaxed with my food.

Brunch is served from opening until 5pm, so you don’t have to be up early to enjoy the sweet delights at Nama.

There were two things on the menu I especially wanted to try. Firstly the Toast, Banana & Rawtella – Nama’s artisan almond & walnut toast, hazelnut rawtella, bananas, crushed hazelnuts, chopped raw chocolate and secondly the Blueberry Pancake Stack – Blueberry, banana and pine nut pancakes, coconut ‘mascarpone’, fresh fruit, dark berry coulis and maple syrup.

I chose the pancakes and I was not disappointed.

The pancakes tasted amazing. I have no idea how they were made but they tasted like caramel and had blueberries inside them. The coconut ‘mascarpone’ was delicious with the pancakes and fruit as well.

I will be going back again for the toast and Rawtella.

Nama Raw Foods is situated at: 110 Talbot Road, London, W11 1JR.

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