Brickwood London: Brunch Review

Five lovely ladies, a sunny Saturday morning, gluten free food and brunch in London – does this not sound like a modern fairy tale to you?!

It did take us a week to decide where to go for brunch but in the end we settled with Brickwood in Tooting. Brickwood is inside Tooting Market, just a few minutes walk from Tooting Broadway underground station.

Unfortunately as there were five of us, there wasn’t a table in the actual restaurant to accommodate us, it was suggested we sat in the common area next to the cafe. Food is still brought to your table but you order and pay at the bar. Alex and I were there first so we grabbed a picnic bench for us to have brunch on.

Lottie and I went to order from the bar first, as we are both on the fodmap diet and had a longer list of intolerances to discuss with he staff.

First up I ordered an almond milk mocha, always a good sign when they serve almond milk in my eyes!!

We were both looking to order the French brioche toast but unfortunately we were told that it couldn’t be made gluten free. So we both opted for the avocado and feta on gluten free sour dough (with poached eggs).

The gluten free bread was delicious and just look at the colour of those eggs yolks!! Bright orange!

We all had such a great morning getting to know each other over the Brickwood brunch (including the lovely Jessie and Alice).

I did enjoy the food and would go back if I was in the area. I am just hoping they put something sweet and gluten free on the menu sometime soon.

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