Left Field Craft Kombucha: Taste Test

I have done a previous blog post on Kombucha, so if you are unsure of what this fermented drink is or want to know a bit more, please go to this page.

Now on to the good stuff – Left Field Craft Kombucha. They have three different varieties of kombuhca, Yunnan Black, Tung Ting Oolong and Darjeeling Flush. They are unlike any other kombucha I have tried as they are not flavoured with fruit but instead just with the tea they are made with.

No.1 – Yunnan Black Kombucha

No 1 reminded me a dark ale, rich and smokey but also a little sweet.

Leftfield suggest that you can drink this kombucha anytime in the day but particularly after dark! No 1 is also a Great Taste Award 2017 winner.

No.3 – Tung Ting Oolong Kombucha

No 3 is sweet and fruity, and very easy to drink.  Tung Ting Oolong is a delicate and floral tea.

Leftfield suggest you drink this buch at lunchtime but i also think it would be good mid afternoon instead of a snack.

No.4 – Darjeeling Flush Kombucha

No 4 has a slightly bitter taste when it first touches your tongue.  It definitley has fruity notes and i personally can taste Blueberry.

This is a naturally-sparkling, low sugar, non-alcoholic, refreshing drink full of probiotic goodness. There are no added flavours or preservatives, they draw on the tea aromatics.

Leftfield suggest this bouch would be good to drink at breakfast or brunch.

I would like to thank Leftfield for the opportunity to taste test their Kombucha.  To find out more visit their website here .

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