Hip Chips: Low FODMAP and Gluten Free Review

I first heard about Hip Chips through the Eat Safe app – the chips (crisps) they serve are all gluten free, so perfect for the low fodmap diet.  If you are interested in reading more about the Eat Safe app, check out my previous blog post.

Hip Chips is London’s first crisp and dip restaurant and the main element on offer is gluten free, so I had to give it a try!  It also means cross contamination is minimal – the cheesecake dip has the option of a biscuit base which I believe was the only item that was not gluten free.

Hip Chips is located in central London, in Soho, on Old Compton Street, which makes it easy to get to and convenient when going to see a show or shopping.

Hip Chips is similar to restaurants such as Flat Iron and Burger and Lobster; which specialise in specific foods and have a limited menu (which I have found are generally great for low fodmap options!).

Hip Chips have sweet or savoury crisps to choose from, 7 savoury dips and 7 sweet dips. They also have special dips which change regularly.  Their hand cut crisps come from a variety of British-grown hertiage potatoes.  The dips range from Katsu Curry to Peanut Butter and Raspberry.

The staff in the resturant were very helpful and worked with me to check the ingrediants in all the dips.  Unfortunatly none of the savoury dips are low fodmap, as they have onion and/or garlic in.  So I went for the sweet chips, which have a cinnamon sugar coating!! We had a large portion between us, which satisfied us both (and considering Mr FFL has a bottomless stomach that’s pretty impressive). Dip wise, I chose the chocolate mousse dip, with salted caramel; passion fruit mousse and peanut butter topped with raspberry jam (PB&J).

Mr FFL had the savoury crisps (which I tried a few of) with the jalapeño, lime and coriander dip and one of their special dips with garlic in. He also went for a cheesecake dip so he could try the sweet crisps too.

I really enjoyed the sweet crisps even without a dip, you could tell they were hand cut and good quality. I also enjoyed all three sweet dips I tasted. I think the passion fruit mousse topped my chart but the PB&J was a close second. The chocolate mousse with salted caramel was good but just not as nice as the other two dips.

I also spoke to the manager, Tim, wholst at the restaurant and he was really interested in the low fodmap diet. He talked to me about putting together a low fodmap dip in the future which I thought would be really exciting!!

Hip Chips is a great idea and really fun to try. It’s a different and not like any other place I have been too. If you are look for a snack or a pre theatre stomach filler, this is the one!


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