Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test

Again research for my second taste test blog post has been hard work, as you can imagine! Our house has been full of gluten free chocolate chip cookies #firstworldproblems. Weirdly enough my household were very happy to help.

Due to the low fodmap diet I exclude gluten from my diet as you are all aware, but I love a sweet treat! So I have tasted all the chocolate chip cookies I could find, for your reading pleasure.

I set out a judging criteria, like with my hot cross bun blog, which is based around these 9 aspects:

  1. Chocolate Content
  2. Crumbliness
  3. Snap
  4. Size
  5. Best Before
  6. Taste
  7. Texture
  8. Value for Money
  9. Softness

I also had a 7 year old boy help with the taste test too – which he enjoyed immensely.  His scores are at the bottom of the blog.

Lazy Day – Chocolate Chip Shortbread

The Lazy Day Chocolate Chip Shortbread is unfortunately one of the worst biscuits in flavour.  I am completely in love with their chocolate tiffin and other cake bites, but these shortbread biscuits do not meet the mark.  They are quite dry too.  On the upside they are a good sized biscuit and have a good best before date.

Prewetts – Rich Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

The first thing you notice about this biscuit is the extra choc topping (or should that be bottoming). It is possibly unfair to compare to the others due to the extra layer of chocolate. However this is one of the best biscuits for texture, taste and overall quality. I think it would work well without the extra chocolate but who is going to argue with extra chocolate? Surprisingly you can still taste the biscuit through all that chocolate and it all complements well.

Prewetts – Mini’s Chunky Choco Chip Cookies (5 Mini Bags in a Pack)

These Prewetts Minis, are just what they say on the ‘tin’, crunchy and crumbly.  The small pack is great for a snack or to take on a day out.  They have a low score on size, which may be unfair as they are meant to be mini, but what they lack in size, they make up for in flavour!

Genius – Chocolate Chip Breakfast Bakes

I have always enjoyed the Genius Chocolate Chip Bakes and sometimes take them with me to work for a mid morning snack or pre gym.  Like the Prewetts Minis, they are expensive (relatively) but they really do have a great taste.  One of the best I have tried.

Asda – Free From Choc Chunk Cookies

Asda Choco Chunk Cookies are a good all rounder – they are value for money but the taste of the biscuit is pretty average.

Lovemore – Choc Chip Cookies

Another shortbread biscuit disguising itself as a cookie. High numbers of small chocolate chips well dispersed in the biscuit. A hard biscuit, that crumbles well, but quite granular. You can taste the chocolate which is creamy and pleasantly bitter. A decent size, for a biscuit, but small for a cookie.

Ocado Gold – Milk Choc Chunk Cookies

A good start with these, they look like cookies, they are a good texture; crispy, but not too hard, similar to a good shortbread, but still miles away from the good soft texture of a cookie. These are cookies only in size and biscuits by all other description, but they are pre-packaged and baked for shelf-life so will never match the bakery section ones in most supermarkets. However, be warned they are sweet, 43% sugar and you can tell. It is like eating a sugar lump, which isn’t a bad thing, but even I would struggle to eat all 7 in one sitting. Talking of which, who wants 7 cookies? That’s just going to lead to arguments over how to split them, but maybe that’s just because I don’t like to share. Although, these are actually big enough to share. Overall a sweet treat to have over a cup of tea, rather than to gorge on during a Netflix binge.

Ocado Gold – Triple Choc Chunk Cookies

The triple choc version is more of the same but with white and dark choc thrown into the mix. The choice is really about your personal preference.

Doves Farm – Chocolate Chip Cookies

Personally this was the least flavoursome cookie in my opinion. I know they’ve got a difficult task here after trying to avoid all intolerant ingredients but the chocolate does not live up to the other cookies I tried.

Just Free – Choc Chip Cookies

First was my first foray into the Just Free range from Lidl.  The cookies do have a lovely taste but you can tell the chocolate is not high quality.  On the other hand the cookies are great value for money!

Morrisons Free From – Choc Chip Cookies

Again the Morrisons Choc Chip Cookies are good value but have only an average taste, like the Asda cookies.  These cookies do not have a good shelf life.

Sainsburys Free From – Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sainsburys are the best value cookies across the full range I tried! They have a good flavour and I could easily eat the whole pack in one go! Each cookie is a good size too.

Marks and Spencers – Made Without Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

The M&S Chocolate Chip Cookies had a good chocolate flavour and were not too sugary.  Although they were bottom for value for money.  The M&S cookies were pretty average in all other categories.

CCC v3

And the winner is Prewetts, Rich Quadruple Chocolate Cookies!! The chocolate on the outside and the mix of dark, milk and white chocolate chunks in the biscuit make it the most delicious gluten free chocolate cookie.

I do feel the extra chocolate on the outside of the biscuit gives the Prewett cookie an edge, so in joint second place are Just Free and Sainsburys, which are more comparable to the other cookies in the challenge.

The View of a 7 Year Old Boy

  • Lazy Day – 2 out 10
  • Prewetts – 1 million out of 10
  • Prewetts Mini – 100 out of 10
  • Genius – 11/10
  • Asda – 5 out of 10
  • Lovemore – 4 out of 10
  • Ocado Milk Choc – 1 out of 10
  • Ocado Triple Choc – 11 out of 10
  • Doves Farm – 3 out of 10
  • Just Free – Did not try
  • Morrisons – Did not try
  • Sainsburys – Did not try
  • Marks & Spencers – 1 million out of 10

So the two cookies which get the child seal of approval are Prewetts Rich Quadruple Chocolate Cookies and the Marks and Spencers Made Without Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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