Equinox Kombucha Review

Equinox Kombucha have 7 gorgeous flavours to choose from; original, raspberry and elderflower, ginger, pink grapefruit and guava, wild berry, peach and turmeric and espresso kombucha.

Not only have Equinox just rebranded, they have also released two new flavours, which are the peach and turmeric and the espresso kombucha.

My favourite by far is the pink grapefruit and guava, I could drink it all day. The flavour is amazing and it’s so refreshing. My second favourite is probably the Peach and Turmeric.

All their kombucha is raw, organic and vegan. Each can is less than 50 calories too.

I assume as you are reading my blog, you probably know what kombucha is, but just in case you don’t, here is a quick low down. It is brewed from green tea and sugar. This creates a natural fermentation process. Kombucha has a living culture in it that ferments and eats up the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast).

I love kombucha on its own, especially the flavoured ones but you can use them as a mixer in a drink or cocktail.

If you try one, let me know your favourite flavour!

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