Biomel and my Gut

I have been working with Biomel for the last two weeks, which has involved me having a dairy free probiotic shot everyday. These were kindly gifted to me.

Biomel comes in five delicious flavours; natural coconut, pure vanilla, dark chocolate, natural almond and salted caramel almond.

Biomel is 100% natural, gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, GMO free and vegan.

They have a 14 day challenge to change your gut. This means taking one or two shots a day and after two week, you should be able to feel a difference in your gut.

Although I love kombucha, I sometimes find the bubbles a little hard on my stomach, and can cause some bloating. As the Biomel shots are dairy free and bubble free, they always sit well with my gut.

My two favourite flavours are definitely the dark chocolate and almond salted caramel. They are both so delicious and it’s like drinking a milkshake.

During the two weeks of having Biomel everyday I definitely felt my gut was happier. I had less bloating and pain, especially when eating out. I feel the shots are soothing for the gut.

I was gifted these shots but I would recommend giving them a go for two weeks and to see if you can make a difference to your gut.

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