1Rebel: Rumble Class Review

1Rebel was on my ‘must do gym studio’ list as I had read and seen good reviews online.

Susan, Roopi and I booked into a Rumble class on a Friday night, after work (please note if you workout at 1Rebel on a Friday, you can grab a free glass of Prosecco after the class is over!!).  We went to the Broadgate Circus studio (1 minute walk from Liverpool Street station).

The studio entrance has a hair salon in (Barber and Blow), and the rest of the studio is underground.  I bounded up to the reception desk like an excited child and was greeted by some less happy front of house staff.  I am not sure if the lady serving us had been working a long shift or it was just the way she was, but I did not feel very welcome.  My excitement levels were dropped down a level or two.

On the upside the 1Rebel changing rooms were beautiful!

They were massive, and had thought of everything.  Showers, toliets, copper fronted lockers, a special area post workout to re do your make up and hair, and my favourite part, a Smeg fridge full of chilled towels to help cool you down after you had worked hard in a class.

Rumble is a boxing class and has a seperate room in the 1Rebel studio set up with punch bags hanging from the celling.  The class works on punching skills and footwork, strength and cardio.  The instructor would give us combinations to workout to, and then we would follow this combination for the next few minutes.  Some of the moves would also involve bodyweight exercises, such as press ups and mountain climbers.

Overall I thought the 1Rebel Rumble class was fun, but it was not as good as a Kobox class.  Due to the layout of the punch bags, the instructor was not as visible, so it was sometimes hard to see which exercises you need to copy.  I also felt the general vibe of the studio was not as welcoming as others I have tried.

1Rebel classes cost £20 a session, or if you are a first timer, you can buy 3 classes for £30.  This allows you to try all three 1Rebel classes, Rumble, Ride and Reshape.  For more information on 1Rebel visit: https://www.1rebel.co.uk/

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