Rude Health Cafe: Brunch Review

On the way to some shopping in Richmond, I dragged Mr FFL to the Rude Health Cafe in Fulham for brunch.

We hopped off the tube at Putney Bridge and walked around the corner to the Cafe. Although it was mid October in England it was actually 18 degrees!! So we decided to order inside and then sit outdoors.

The brunch menu is projected on the wall behind the counter, which I had never seen before.

They have a good choice of drinks on the menu, with the standard coffees and teas but also matcha, turmeric and beetroot lattes. I chose my favourite almond milk mocha, although I will have to go back to try one of the lattes!

For brunch I really wanted to have the pancakes but after speaking to the server, I realised they had gluten in, which did disappoint me.

I chose to have the smashed avocado, feta and beetroot on gluten free toast, with two poached eggs. I must say their gluten free bread is one of the best I have ever tasted!! Thick cut, doesn’t fall apart and tasty. I love feta but I wasn’t so sure about it with this dish – although I asked for the dish without chilli (because of my fodmap diet), so the feta may have helped to cool the chilli down.

Mr FFL had the breakfast skillet, which was actually the recommendation from the server. He enjoyed he sausage but did wish for a bigger portion size.

I will have to go back to the cafe to have one of the gluten free porridge options when I am over that way in London again.

For more information visit: or their Instagram page.

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