F45 Training: Croydon

F45 was started in Australia in 2012 and has since grown exponentially across the world. F45 stands for functional training in 45 minutes, and this was the exact vision of the CEOs of the company, to create the most dynamic and effective workout.  They wanted to motivate people and have an inclusive workout studio, where anyone can come and smash a workout.

When I heard F45 was coming to Croydon, I was over the moon! Although Croydon has a lot of gyms, this is the first branded class studio in the town (and hopefully with more to come….).

F45 run a different class everyday of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are cardio based classes and Tuesday and Thursday are more resistance based classes.  On Saturday is the Hollywood class which is a mix of cardio and resistance, across 27 stations (completed twice).  There are actually 27 different classes which pop up on the schedule and F45 rotate them across different weeks.

I love the Croydon studio, its a very big space and its full of brand new, shiny equipment. A massive bonus for me are the hair straighteners in the changing room! It means I can go back to work after a lunchtime class and look half human!

The set up of the classes are all similar in structure, the first few minutes the trainer explains the class and goes through every exercise at every station.  This ensures everyone understands the exercise and can complete them with good form.  Then the classes performs the warm up before anyone heads to a station.

One of the things I love about F45 are the computerised boards at the front of the class, which deatils the warm up and every exercise you need to do in the class.  If you ever get stuck and the trainer is helping another person, it really helps to use the board.

Every workout is set up in a HIIT/Tabata style, with 35 seconds on, 15 seconds off or 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off.

I can honestly say Moonhopper is my favourite class, closely followed by Hollywood (which is the only 60 minute workout). Moonhopper is a resistance style class and is broken down with 1 set being 35 seconds on and 15 seconds off, followed by set 2 40 seconds on and 30 seconds off. Once you have done two sets of one exercise you move on and don’t look back. 18 stations later, you will have completed Moonhopper and will be very sweaty!!

Why should you do an F45 class?

The main reason is because it’s FUN! I bet anyone that tries a class will have a great time and will really feel like they have achieved something. The instructors are always on hand to motivate you or adjust your form.

The cardio and resistance training builds up your lean muscle – and why wouldn’t you want lean muscle?!

If you want to find out more or have any question please contact me, or visit F45 in Croydon. There are classes everyday of the week except Sunday, so no excuses not to train.

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