A Gluten Free Weekend in Bath

In April, Mr FFL tried to take me away for a surprise weekend but I managed to find out where we were going half way along the journey (as I was looking at traffic problems on the GPS). Opps! The weekend was in the lovely city of Bath but my first thoughts were ‘Will I be able to eat out on the low fodmap diet?’ and ‘Have I brought enough snacks’ along with excitment of course.

Luckily Mr FFL had already thought about this and scoped some places out. I also gave a shout out to my gluten free and fodmap friends for some foodie tips in Bath.

There is one 100% gluten free resturant in Bath called Cascara but unfortunatley it was closed that weekend due to a family emergency.  So its a good excuse to go back to Bath for another weekend trip!

One of the places Mr FFL found whilst researching gluten free eateries was Rosarios. So on Saturday morning we woke up and headed straight to Rosarios for breakfast.  Rosarios has some great gluten free options, including gluten free bread.  They also supply potato fritters and sweet potato fritters instead of bread but they unfortunately had onion in, so were not low fodmap.  The staff at Rosarios were so helpful and friendly, they made me feel at ease and confident in the food I would eat.

I had poached eggs with avocado, smoked salmon and gluten free bread.  I also had an almond milk mocha to wash it all down with.  Rosarios also had a great selection of gluten free cakes but I wasn’t able to try one on Saturday as I was full from our breakfast.

After a morning visiting the Roman Baths for some culture and then a little bit of shopping, we headed over to Whole Bagel for lunch.

Whole Bagel is another cafe that have such great options for people following a gluten free and/or low fodmap diet. They offer all sandwiches on gluten free bread. Although they don’t do gluten free bagels, they do have a brilliant selection of sandwiches to choose from.

I had a brie, bacon and rocket toastie on gluten free bread! And yes they do have a seperate toaster for the gf bread. Winning!

I think the pièce de résistance of my gf food tour of Bath, was at Dough.  Dough have FOUR types of gluten free pizza bases – that’s right four!!! They have a standard gluten free base, a gluten free purple corn base, a gluten free turmeric base and a gluten free hemp base! How amazing is that?! If you are not following a gluten free diet, there are 7 bases to choose from.

The tomato sauce they use on their pizzas is also low fodmap and has no onion or garlic in! How is this not the dream?!

I chose the gluten free turmeric base and it was delicious! The pizza I chose was called ‘Le Freak’ which was mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, rocket, grana cheese and cherry tomatoes.

The texture of the dough was out of this world and I could not tell it was gluten free at all.  I wish they delivered to London!

To end our Bath weekend, Mr FFL and I got up extra early on the Sunday to head to the Bath Thermae Spa (to try and miss the queues).  We had a lovely two hours relaxing and exploring all the different sauna and steam rooms.  After the spa we headed over to Bill’s as its one of Mr FFL’s favourite breakfast spots.

I had gluten free toast with smoked salmon and poached eggs, topped with seeds.  As you can see my food is clearly marked with an allergy stick, to ensure no contamination. Bill’s is always good for breakfast/brunch as there is more than one option for a low fodmap and gluten free meal.

Before we jumped in the the car to come back to London, I dragged Mr FFL to Rosarios for one last time, and picked up a cheeky Sicilian lemon cake to eat on the drive home.  The sponge was moist and the icing delicious!

I would recommend Bath to anyone on a gluten free diet, not only is the city beautiful but everything is in walking distance.  It makes for a very chilled and fun weekend away.

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  1. That sounds terrific!! Lately finding gluten free has become easier though it’s still tough to find the combo gluten free and dairy free:( Glad you had lots of options!

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