Sainsbury’s Free From Freakshake Masterclass

On a warm summer’s evening I was kindly invited to Sainsbury’s Headquarters, to their food innovation centre for the launch of their dairy free ice creams! The launch also included a free from freakshake masterclass!

Sainsbury’s have created three dairy ice creams; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. These ice creams are milk, egg, wheat, gluten and soya free!!! Wow!! So they are perfect for people following a dairy free or vegan life. Unfortunately they do have gram flour in, which is a high fodmap ingredient.

I was excited to turn up at Sainsbury’s HQ and they did not disappoint! The room I was taken too was laid out beautifully. Each table was themed to colour, with tonnes of accessories, and not to mention all the free from goodies!!  The accessories and free from goodies were there to decorate our milkshakes and to make them into a freakshake.

To start the evening we were given a serving of each flavour of ice cream to try. I can honestly say (as someone that eats dairy ice cream) I wouldn’t know that the ice cream was dairy free.  It was very cream and flavoursome. I had to make sure I didn’t eat too much of the ice cream due to the gram flour. I seem to be able to tolerate gram flour in small amounts, in other foods (such as Asda gluten free sausages).

The manager of Sainsbury’s Free From range explained how the range has developed since 2012 and how the dairy free ice cream was created.  We were then talked through how the masterclass would work and were sent off to get our creative juices working.  Once we had created our freeshakes, there was a professional photographer and videographer on hand, to take photos and videos of our creations.

I then worked with Sainsbury’s staff to create my free from milkshake. I chose to have the vanilla dairy free ice cream (one whole tub!) and almond milk as my base.  This made my milkshake as low fodmap as possible.

With my milkshake in one hand, I went off exploring the rest of the room filled with free from goodies and treats.  As my milkshake was yellow/cream, I went with a green theme to compliment it.  I topped my milkshake with whipped cream, two gluten free chocolate digestives, a gluten free brownie, star sprinkles and green and white striped straws!

I loved how my freakshake video turned out.

I want to say a masisve thank you to Sainsbury’s for inviting me to the evening as it was such a fun night, finished with a goody bag full of free from sweets!

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