Clip’n’Climb Chelsea: Boxercise Class Review

I was invited over to Clip’n’Climb in Chelsea for a boxercise class. The class is run on Thursday evenings at 7pm, and starts with 30 mins of climbing on the walls, followed by 50 mins of boxercise.

I’ve seen pictures and videos of Clip’n’Climb on Instagram and always thought it looked like great fun, so I was excited to go down and try the place.

I took my friend Steph to the class, for some moral support. First up we were strapped into harnesses, so we could explore the colourful climbing walls.

Steph and I used the first 30 mins clipping on to the walls and trying different types of climbing.

I’m very much used to bouldering, and although you may think you feel safer when you have a rope, I found jumping down (instead of climbing) very scary!!

After 30 mins we started the boxing class with the Centre Manager, Dane and the boxing coach. I can honestly say this was one of my favourite classes. I loved sparring and feeling strong again.

We took turns punching and holding the pads, and worked through different combinations of punches.

We ended with some abs and stretching. It was a really fun but hard workout. My upper body was still aching a few days later.

Clip’n’Climb also run climbercise classes on Monday and Tuesday evening at 7pm, and I will definitely be going to try these too.

The vibe at the club is really friendly and fun. I would recommend the climbing and boxercise class to anyone.

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