FODMAP Reintroduction with VSL#3

I have been taking VSL#3 probiotics for just over 3 weeks now and I wanted to update you all on my progress.  If you want to see the start of my jounrey visit my previous blog post here. I have been taking one sachet every day.  I may up this to 2 sachets a day in a week or two (as it can take time for your gut to get used to the new bacteria).

During this time I have been focusing on reintroducing high fodmap foods, which is not an easy feat on the low fodmap diet.

Taking VSL#3 across this reintroduction stage has helped me to feel more confident to introduce new foods into my diet. It has allowed my gut to be full of friendly bacteria to help digest the ‘new’ foods I am putting into my body.

I did find that VSL#3 bloated me slightly in the first week or so, but after my body got used to the new bacteria my stomach went back to normal.

As I set out in the previous blog I was going to reintroduce sweetcorn, leeks and chickpeas firstly. Of these three foods, I was able to reintroduce 2 of 3.  These two are leeks and chickpeas.  I had already assumed I could tolerate some amount of chickpeas, as I had gram flour in some products such as sausages.   I am still testing my limits with chickpeas through my homemade hommous.  I am able to eat at least half a leek a day without any trouble now.

Unfortunately I was not able to reintroduce sweetcorn during this process as it makes me really bloated and feel nasuesa.

Next up for me will be broad beans and apples.  Mr FFL and I used to fry broad beans with salt, and they made a delicious healthy snack – so if I am able to eat these again I would be very happy.

Monash University (the University which set up the low fodmap diet) recently updated their app and have stated that pink lady apples are low fodmap in a 2 tablespoon serving, so I thought I might start with this amount and then build up.

I will do another blog update in a few weeks, to let you know how I am getting along.

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